Blessed times

There are rough days and good days and sometimes it's moment by moment. Lately, I've been thinking about our journey. It still is surreal at times to think about the medicines and drugs we are putting into our daughter's tiny little body. There are many sick kids out in our world. There are children that have to deal with other hurdles as well. The parents and grandparents and friends all join together to hopefully provide the best care possible.

Tonight I feel blessed. Blessed that we are a village. I'm blessed that you all are supporting us. I'm blessed each and every day by the strides Ainsley is taking and how brave she is. I am blessed that her little brother George is her best friend and even though he acts his age most of the time, he gets it.

I pray that we have good numbers on Friday and treatment can continue.
And tonight I just want to say, I'm humbled and grateful for our village of support.