Ainsley's Heroes

As I type this a group of 30 people are at our home doing yard work outside and planning some renovations on the house.  

This is truly unbelievable. We are so grateful. I have a feeling we won't recognize the place when we get home.

Thanks to Jim Bruer and Bryson Baker for the photos.

Ainsley has made some more improvements today. They have taken her off the dialysis machine right now to let her kidneys try to get better at doing their job. They are pausing the chemo right now so her kidneys get a break. 
We are hoping she improves enough to get her breathing tube removed. Her sedation is light so sometimes she briefly wakes up and tries to get it out. We calm her back down and she goes back to sleep. Getting the tube out would be huge but they need a little more fluid that's built up around her lungs to be gone. So pray for Pee!