It's amazing how fast and slow time is when you are in the thick of things. It seems like only yesterday we were given the news of Ainsley's cancer and now we are coming up on a YEAR in August.

 Ainsley and her picture of Ana, our dog wearing the cone from her recent spay surgery. 

Ainsley and her picture of Ana, our dog wearing the cone from her recent spay surgery. 

So much support and love and change has happened over the past 10 months. We have gained thousands of online supporters through Ainsley's 15 minutes of fame with her Three Fighters Portrait from Scantling and Goodger Photography, George is talking up a storm, Ainsley is getting her beautiful red hair back and so is mommy! It's wonderful to be where we are today and we couldn't have gotten here without the support of our family, friends, online followers, and our amazing community.

This fall I am planning on trying to work some from home and send the kiddo's to a mothers day out program for three days a week but I still worry about Ainsley's overall health. The last thing we want is for her to end up in the hospital due to a silly mistake. However, I have to remember to TRUST God and let go of the unknowns. The hardest part about trust for me is the letting go, putting it in God's hands and just being okay with whatever the outcome may be. But I am working on accepting it. We have had several fundraisers help us with everything from house repairs, replacing furniture, food costs, travel costs, van costs, getting a better vacuum, and paying the day to day bills. I still struggle with not having an extra "job" but taking care of Ainsley and George and myself is full time plus more (as any mom or dad will tell you). The fundraisers have carried us through this and we will probably have to continue them until I can go back to work or figure out how to magically make money while watching Wild Kratts and making kale chips, but that is what people continue to tell us to do. Ask for help when we need it. 

Right now the most our bills are paid, food is in our bellies, we have supplies in the fridge, our air conditioning is on and we are enjoying every second that we are given. We are so grateful for all our Allies without them we would be okay but not able to breathe as easily. 

So, I guess what I am trying to say is...Thank You All! We love and appreciate you and we will ask for help without feeling ashamed. You all humble us with your prayers, donations and generous love!