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Today we found out that Ainsley is officially in remission.

Now before all of this I had always heard to term remission used with cancer patients. But I never understood what it really meant. For Ainsley it means that the amount of leukemia found in her blood and bone marrow is low enough to where it's now producing normal healthy cells again. But it doesn't mean she is cured or this fight is over.

If we stopped chemotherapy now there would be a good chance the leukemia cells would return. That's why treatment will take over 2 years.

The next four weeks will be tough. Once a week we will make the trip to get chemo. New drugs with new side effects.

Ainsley has made huge progress with her appetite. Done with that feeding tube. She still doesn't like taking meds orally but submits when bribed with cupcakes or a toy.

Speaking of cool toys. Ainsley was just gifted an iPad mini from some awesome friends. Totally unexpected. Ainsley will love it.


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