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Tiny voice

A tiny voice emerged and she finally was ready to talk again.

Two months ago Ainsley decided that talking was for the birds. (And really who wouldn't!)
She wasn't being heard, she had lost all her control, and she woke up full of catheters, IV's, and cancer. Doctors poking and prodding, nurses calling blood pressure cuffs hugs, and her parents in masks and gowns.

Today she spoke in paragraphs.she started talking again Monday 9/23/13 after her spinal tap. She asked Daddy for juice. I'm grateful that we stay with her through every procedure even if she is sedated now, because if we would miss a critical moment we could really mess with the whole rebuilding trust part.

She also is working really hard to be mobile again. She is rolling, crawling and triking around.

We are ecstatic and grateful.

I asked her today why she didn't want to talk and she said she just wanted to be home.
I'm grateful we are here. And we couldn't be here without everyone's support. Thank you!



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