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Homeward bound

Where my thoughts escaping
Where my music's playing
Where my love lies waiting silently for me

Ah! Simon and Garfunkel you complete my world, but our journey home has been so tiring.
Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that we aren't sleeping in the hospital. I'm grateful that nurses and doctors aren't poking and prodding and talking and watching everything all the time. I'm grateful to have George and my parents and fresh air.
But I miss my baby.
I miss my toddler.

I miss Ainsley.

Cancer treatment would be a whole lot easier if I could do it with Ainsley! If I could just have her back.

I know she will be back, but for anyone that knows me you know my patience level is a negative two. I'm ready to have her back, fighting with me!

I know you all are too.
Especially her daddy and brother.



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