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Someone is Critically Ill-what's a good gift?

Someone is Critically Ill-what's a good gift?

Recently, I was checking a few leftover gift cards that I knew I hadn't used yet. They were the last of my stash and I figured I would get them ready for grocery shopping this weekend. One of the cards only had 13.10 left on it and I knew it hadn't even been used for a coffee. I looked at the history and found the card was charged 5.95 for the purchaser for buying it for me, then 5.95 for November and 5.95 for December card holding fees. So my $25.00 gift card only had $13.10 left. And the buyer had to pay 25+5.95 hmmmm.

This made me angry, and so I immediately posted about it on Facebook. Which leads me to this find out someone is sick, critically injured, terminally ill, or has lost a loved one. What can you do to help???? Here's some options-you don't have to do ALL of these but for some people you can find ONE that will work.


They do not want to ask for help. They might, but it's hard. Be proactive and do stuff for them.

If you see someone struggling. Or you sense it, then they probably are. Do something if you can to ease their stress. (benefit to feel awesome too!)

Go clean their backyard up.
Mow for them.
Clean their house.
Fold laundry.
Go shopping for them.
Bring them a coffee or tea.
Offer to take the trash out.
Buy them dinner and drop it off on the porch then call and say it is there.
Make them some food that can be frozen and drop it off.
Visit them at the hospital if they can visit but be fast.
Give them a gift card that doesn't expire, charge you, or charge them.
Gift groceries & healthy snacks
Give blood
Give money

The key here is GIVE. It Doesn't matter what you give, just do it if you can.

Give them your phone or email and tell them you are there to support them. Day or night.

Check in on them. Send them a text that says I am thinking of you and sending prayers. 

Post on their Facebook account if they are active on there.

Call and leave a message. 

Overall, just show that you are supportive of what they are going through. You might not understand it, but they might not either so just say you are there. You are present. You are part of their needed stability.


Be an ear that's listening, a shoulder to cry on, or just go laugh with them.
If you have a funny story tell it. If you have a real life issue tell them but remember to be there for them and let your issue wait awhile or be taken up with another compadre. Just talk or listen for an hour or less and then go. They may need human interaction that isn't just about the current emergency.


They may only be able to see people for five minutes or even two minutes. Their parent or kid may be so sick that they cannot be exposed to any illnesses so therefore must live in a hermit like status. Make sure you are aware of sicknesses you have been exposed to. Always wash your hands when you enter their home and take off your shoes as well. If they aren't up for visitors don't push it. If you sense they need to get out of the house offer to pick them up and take them to coffee or for a walk. They will tell you if they can't or really don't want to do something. 


If they forget to send you a thank you card, or message just know that your gift eased their burden. Know that what you did is wonderful and they are better for it. They have a lot on their plate and cannot fill everyones egos so if they forget how wonderful you are, just know that you are amazing.


After our daughter got so sick we had so many people helping, giving, donating time and praying for us that we could concentrate our efforts on her and getting her better. If we didn't have all these Allies we wouldn't be where we are today. People's kindness has made our lives easier. With the money people donated we have replaced furniture, rugs, toys, beds, and duct work. We have been able to pay our bills, travel to doctors appointments, pay for food, pay for special snacks, pay off debts, pay for expenses while on the road and be comfortable while locked away in our house during scary times. We have to ask for help here and there but most the time our support team and Allies keeps on sending prayers, donations and other things we need. We are better and healing because of our village. 


I hope this helps others when they find a friend or family member in need!


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