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And so the bell tolls

Today Ainsley Jane got to ring the "End of Treatment" Bell. Her chemotherapy is finished, her port is out, and she got to have a little celebration ringing the bell signifying "no more chemo". We are grateful for everyone that has supported us through this journey and we will continue with more info on our life journey. Today we remember those friends that didn't get to ring the bell, the friends that relapsed, and the friends that are still waiting for their time to ring the bell. WE Share this moment because it is MONUMENTAL and we wouldn't be here without all of our ALLIES support, prayers, and love. -Andrea

Here are the words to the little song I sang to her. (to the tune of --- Hallelujah)

There was a girl named Ainsley Jane

With sparkling brown eyes and a flowing orange mane

If she saw you, you were no longer a stranger.

But then one week she got so sick

Not even Elderberry did the trick

They told us she had two and a half years of fighting CANCER.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

She woke back up and looked around

Her family in prayer and on the ground

She learned to walk again, and talk back to ya.

She braved the biggest battle yet,

Her anger, joy and fear all set

She looks at life and knows that it's a JOURNEY

You're my daughter, You make life full, You're our HERO, You're our Little Miracle



Ainsley wins! Cancer loses.