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Undeniable Truth

I just wrote a great post and it got deleted. It was long with lots of details and it is gone. So shorter piece until I can redo.

Here is the undeniable truth>Ainsley can still get very sick, very fast

We thought we were in the home stretch, and we are, BUT we are stuck in the hospital fighting some sort of something. She is fighting like a tough broad can, because she is a warrior. 

I've been watching the sun rise, the workers walk to construction sites, nurses switching info, and my baby fight another infection of some sort. Her body is reacting to the anti-biotic and I am diffusing some essential oils to help with her breathing. 

I am here. In the moment. I am trying to stay as strong as I can. I am her rock and will continue to be her advocate.

Right now> cefepime causing rash> atarax helped last night with itching> benedryl preemptively before this round of cefepime not keeping reactions away> darkening of rash, rash spreading on chest area

worst part is Wednesday while she was sleeping she was having night terrors, thankfully Thurs night went better.

Also, she told me her port was itching I thought it was the tape, now as I look at it she has a freaking rash all under the tagederm tape too. My poor sweet baby girl.


We are missing her Pi Day Pie Fundraiser held at District Bicycles tonight the Ehlers family is making pies And District Bicycles is letting them sell during their LandRun100 race info session. We hope they know how much we appreciate it! Crystal and Bobby Wintle the owners of District Bicycles are the greatest and the Ehlers- Vicki and Kevin are so kind. We will be cheering on the racers of LandRun 100 from the side and Facebook. for now that is all... I will keep updating on Facebook, but I wanted to update our website just in case you are not on FB!

With love and gratitude,


Another Scare...

Back at the old stomping grounds