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Another Scare...

This weekend Ainsley stayed home with her grandparents while George and I supported Chris and his pals in a Gravel Cycling Race. When we got home Sunday we had a fun Easter Egg hunt and unpacked a little. Sunday night Ainsley complained of her left jaw hurting. I noticed her lymph node was a little swollen and thought it was the allergies or cough she has been fighting for over a week. Monday, today, the left side was considerably more swollen so I called our local doctor and made an appointment for 3pm. By 10am I was getting scared. Benadryl and a zyrtec had not helped and her left jaw was getting more and more swollen. I kept telling myself that it had to be a bacterial infection or virus that she was fighting but then I called Grammy and told her to come get George and we would head to OKC Childrens just to be safe. I called them on the way and they squeezed us in for lab work and an appointment. 

Thankfully, lab results showed that her blood counts were good. They were a little high but that could be due to her fighting something. And I spelled out the word to the PA "Do you think this could be a lymphoma or another C-A-N-C-E-R showing up? " she said she would check with the head of the department but was pretty sure it was just an infection. When she came back in she said he agreed with her. An infection is the likely cause and she will try antibiotics to see if we can get rid of it. 

To be honest I hate this. I do not like feeling fear. I do not like feeling weak and helpless. I stayed strong in front of Ainsley and let her know that no matter what we will just get through whatever is going on. She accepted that like a champion and a hero. I prayed for strength and God delivered again. I prayed for healing and she is already bouncing back to her normal self. She even tried walking on the balance beam outside tonight after blowing bubbles and roasting marshmallows. 

So for now we are here. Just walking our path and doing what we need to do. We will continue to do this and rock at it.


Cancer sucked. What's next?

Cancer sucked. What's next?

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