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RV Shopping

This week we have been checking out some RV's for sale by local owners on craigslist. There are a lot out there. We've found a Class A or C motor home would fit our needs the best. We did a lot of research on the pros and cons and it seems like the best deals are on older models. 

So the first one we got a chance to see was way old. A 1981 Holiday Rambler 34' Class A. Listed for only $7250. 

We didn't have high hopes and considered it would be a little bit of a fixer upper. The interior and layout was great. But it would need a lot little things fixed. Nothing too bad. But then we took it on a test drive. The owner who just got it a year ago said the brakes were not very strong. So we pulled out on the road going down hill. It was like driving with no power brakes. Then we took a wrong turn down a dead end and needed to do a 3 point turn. I thought this is great practice. I've never driven anything this big before although Andrea told the lady I had. Upon putting the vehicle in reverse it took a lot of power to back up. I eventually got it backed out and then proceeded go forward when something did not feel or sound right. Turned out the passenger side front wheel's brake was not releasing. I thought we were stuck. Lucky all it took was turning the engine off and back on and the brake released. Something was seriously wrong. I think the lady understood that we were going to have to pass. That was probably the scariest vehicle I've ever driven. 

Next we went for the other end of the scale. A 2000 Georgie Boy Cruise Master Class A listed for $24750. Wow! It was in very nice condition and well taken care of. New tires, batteries, and other little things. If it was a sticks and bricks home it would be considered "move-in ready". Ainsley especially liked the big HDTV they installed. George of course would love the name. 

We want to look at a Class C next. Just to get a feel for the space and layout. Whatever we end up with know we've got a lot of work to get there. 

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