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Back from our First Adventure

Our first adventure was full of memories and escapades. Memories of gallivanting around the South West States, keeping an RV running, making changes to help with power, and exploring. Now that we are back in Stillwater we are figuring out what to do next. Ainsley has upcoming check ups, Chris is working with local businesses and people doing I.T. work, and I am keeping house and kiddos happy. 

One thing I really felt while we were out on our Walkabout was my rocky exterior cracking. I felt a sort of freedom beginning to take shape. When Ainsley first got sick I took to being a rock, building layer upon layer of hard exterior to deal with everything that was going on as well as being strong. Letting go of that exterior is taking time but it is happening. I am back in my sewing room letting my creative spirit flow and it is so nice. I plan on starting my interviews for my book/website next week and that will also lend to healing even more. 

I have no idea what we will do next. So if you ask me/us we will probably say we aren't sure. 

Right now we are just surviving, healing, being and loving on our family and friends. 

Best regards to all,



The Team Peters Podcast - Episode 001

The Team Peters Podcast - Episode 001