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Well the primaries are done and its time to update the blog since I keep seeing people and they think we are heading back out on the road. 

Here's the deal. We would really love to be on the road traveling and working and living it up, but it's really not feasible. If we had lots of money we would do it. But we don't right now, so we are going to use the RV for short trips and maybe loan it out to friends and family. 

Chris is going to continue working from home and I have been applying for full time work, while still sharing Young Living essential oils. We are still homeschooling the kids and making sure they get socialized and educated. 

Ainsley's seventh birthday is coming up. She wants a cat. Since we are all allergic to cats we've decided on trying to find a Siberian Cat, they have very good results for allergy ridden people. George wants one too, but there's no way to afford two of these. Grammy and Bobo are going to help us get Ainsley's and maybe once I get a job or sell a ton of Essential Oils we can get George one too! The kids have been sleeping in their own room to ensure that they get a new pet and it's working well, now we really have to find one!

Anyways, that is where we are. Living it up in the city. We are grateful to my parents for letting us live in their extra house while we land on our feet again. We are also grateful to our village for standing behind us as we reconfigure life again. 






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